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Northwest Results
After a great weekend of curling, here are the event results from the 82nd Annual Northwest Bonspiel... You can also view the entire completed drawsheet by accessing our Google Sheet of the results here.

The winners of the "A" Event were the Mossberger rink from Superior.

Skip: Irvin Mossberger, Jr.
Vice: Brian Bergquist
Second: Chris Bode
Lead: Mike O'Brien


The winners of the "B" Event were the Spakowski rink from the Fort William Curling Club.

From left to right:
Don Spakowski
Don McConkey
Tim Sullivan
Mike Vasko


The winners of the "C" Event were the Litman rink from the Duluth Curling Club.

From left to right:
Pat Kelleher
Dean Birman
Mike Olson
Ross Litman


The winners of the "D" Event were the Dale Jackson rink from the Port Arthur / Fort William Curling Clubs in Thunder Bay.

From left to right:
Kyle Wodell
Gord McCabe
Kevin Busch
Dale Jackson

Follow the Action at the Northwest Bonspiel
Yes, it's Northwest Weekend! If you'd like to follow along with the results from this weekend's Northwest Bonspiel, we're keeping track in a Google sheet that can be accessed by clicking here.

Also, iFan will be streaming today's action live. You can find that stream by clicking here and following the links for the Superior Curling Club / Northwest Bonspiel.

82nd Annual Northwest Bonspiel Drawsheet
WELCOME to Northwest Bonspiel weekend at the Superior Curling Club! Especially to those teams that are coming from out of town, thanks so much for joining us! Click here to view the drawsheet (in PDF format). The page size is quite large, so it may work best to right-click and download the PDF file and open it in a PDF reader that allows you to zoom and pan. Looking forward to a weekend of great curling and great hospitality!

82nd Annual Northwest Bonspiel
Just a reminder to register (if you haven't already) for the fast approaching 82nd Annual Northwest Bonspiel. A great weekend of curling, great food and Superior hospitality!

Big Pond: Bonspiel Pics!
I've just posted an album of photos I shot during the Sunday draws that we were able to play out on the natural ice, thanks to some cooler weather that moved in. Check 'em out! Big Pond Bonspiel Pics

Big Pond: Ice Prep Pics!
Last night, a group of amazing, dedicated volunteers spent a few hours setting up our three curling sheets on the bay at Barker's Island for the action this weekend. A collection of photos is now available here.

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